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Mao3D Research Center
We currently have 3 lines of research:

Improve and adapt mechanical prosthesis models from the E-nable and TeamUnlimited foundation

Develop a low-cost myoelectric prosthesis

Develop a low-cost esthetic prosthesis

Mechanical prosthesis
Aesthetic Prosthesis

We work with mechanical prostheses from Open Source models  from E-nable and Team Unlimbited, improving and customizing according to the size of parts, finishes and coatings.  

Myoelectric Prosthesis

Psychological research suggests that some people with an upper limb malformation or amputation do not always need a prosthesis, others are not used to using it in the medium or long term. In many cases, the person needs a psychological cure with the possibility of having an aesthetic prosthesis that gives them greater social inclusion. That's why we are developing a research on a social passive prosthesis. Already in testing phase!


In partnership with the Federal University of ABC and the 3DTime Company, we are developing a low-cost and functional myoelectric prosthesis. After an extensive research phase, we are in the testing phase to deliver the first myoelectric prosthesis produced by 3D printing. 

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